CCTV Installation and Maintenance

We have CCTV installation and maintenance for the following 


CCTV systems for Corporates and Organisations.

Integrated surveillance security cameras that increase the capacity of security personnel by designing solutions that incorporate both existing and future security apparatus.


CCTV for SME’s.

 We provide for small and medium businesses like pharmacies, bookshops, cyber cafes, cafeterias etc. at very reasoable prices. we believe that any business owner should be able to use CCTV to monitor and protect their business.


Home security camera system.

We have a wide array of home outdoor security cameras, dome cameras and hidden cameras to suite your needs.

All our CCTV cameras can be remotely accessed meaning you can get live footage to your phone, tablet or PC from anywhere in the world.

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists Component.

A mailing list is a component that provides a one click portal that sends multiple emails by a touch of a button. The recipient perceives to be the only person sent the email since there is no indication of any other recipient.

Its functionality falls into 4 parts;

  1. Build a list – This is the creation of the contacts document, its best to do it in excel with the fields Name and Email
  2. Create a template – This is creating the layout in which the mailing list will be sent out
  3. Send your campaign - Send a campaign to your entire list, or divide your list into groups and segment by interest, location, or activity. Add Social Sharing buttons to your template, or share a link to the web version of your campaign after it goes out
  4. Track your results – The mailing list has reports tell you who’s opening, clicking, and coming back for more.

Monthly Plans for Sending Emails to subscribers

If you send at least one newsletter a month, a monthly subscription is your best option. The bill will be charged monthly based on the total number of subscribers in your account, and automatically adjust your monthly fee as your list grows or shrinks.



Monthly Price

Send Limit


Ksh 4,000



Ksh 4,000



Ksh 5,500



Ksh 7,500



Ksh 13,000



Ksh 21,000



Pay As You Go

If you’re not a frequent sender, you can purchase credits that work like credit for email. Buy them when you need them, and don’t worry about squeezing value out of a monthly plan that doesn’t fit your needs.


Monthly Price


Ksh 3,500


Ksh 7,000


Ksh 13,000


Ksh 18,000


Ksh 24,000


Ksh 30,000


Ksh 38,000


File Transfer Protocol

Smartlink Technologies Ltd is one of the largest FTP hosting service providers in Kenya. Our FTP Server is a full-feature FTP Server. You can use any FTP client on any OS platforms (incl. Mac, Linux and mobile). Moreover, it is integrated with our cloud IT service, offering tons of high-end features that make it far better than your in-house FTP server:
  •       Manage storage space and user roles from a web browser;
  •       Access files with regular FTP, web browser and Windows Explorer;
  •       Share files / folders and set different access permissions;
Below are the rates for FTP hosting that we offer

Disk Space






 No special software installation is required for Smartlink Technologies FTP. You can use any web browsers or any FTP client software. Windows Explorer can also be used as an FTP client. just enter: ftp://USERNAME: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /

Corporate E-mail Solutions

Email is a critical tool for business. A professional email solution can help promote your business end send the right message to your customers. Our email solutions cater for businesses or individuals wanting a no-fuss solution with 24/7 support and spam/virus protection. We also provide premium email solutions that can help your staff communicate better and work smarter.

We provide mailing solutions suitable for all user groups without the expense or complexity, enabling you to focus on running your business.

View Our Website and Email Hosting Plans.

NB: To have personalized emails you must first register a domain name and the email hosting charges above are exclusive of domain registration.

Web Hosting

Web hosting customers have never been more demanding. You need speed. You need performance. You need complete reliability. That's why Smartlink Technologies has combined the best hardware, latest software and the most reliable network components to deliver the services you need. Whether you want to park a domain, host a family web site, run a complete E-Business storefront or host a live broadcast with millions of hits -choosing Smartlink Technologies and its partners as your Web Hosting provider will be the wisest choice you make. We provide you with the highest quality Website Hosting service.

Unbeatable prices, amazing features, reliable servers, and world class customer service and support and best of all, No Overselling "You get what you pay for".

Website plus e-mail Hosting Packages


Disk Space

E-mail Accounts







Business Starter



Business Standard



Business Plus



Business Premium



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